FD-01 / Flatten & Dryer
Product Description
  • All built with stainless steel
  • Speed adjustable
  • Two in one, flatting、drying to be completed at once, prompt drying to speed up the packaging and reduce the thickness of product. Better appearance for slim stack up, minimize the dimension
  • Better solution for manpower and time saving
  • Better solution for manually cleaning and not exactly drying
  • To test the sealing function at the same time to ensure perfect packaging
Power voltage: 220V/ 3PH/ 60HZ (Optional voltage need)
Size of machine: 1920 x 719 x1020 mm
Net Weight: 180 kgs

USAGE: Agriculture, poultry etc. being high temperature sterilization products, have to be dried out and flatten for tiny packaging

  1. Quick make the product flat and dry
  2. To speed the time of drying
  3. To reduce the thickness of the product as well as cut the size of carton