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Promarks Vac is the leading food processing machine manufacturer in Taiwan, we produces a full series of food processing machines, including table top vacuum packaging machine, deep chamber vacuum packaging machine, single chamber vacuum packaging machine, double chamber vacuum packaging machine, continuous vacuum packaging machine, auto flatten vacuum packaging machine and nozzle type vacuum packaging machine.


The vacuum tumbling machine series are available in various sizes and capacities from 150 liters to 3000 liters, which can meet the needs of each customer. Also, the vacuum tumbling machine can be matched with our D-200 model buggy dumper or BG-200 model hydraulic buggy dumper. It is much easier and convienient for users to unload and pour the ingredient into a meat bucket with wheels after completing the whole processes.


The hot water shrink tank is a best-selling model for export. Our clients in the food processing industry in the United States and Central and South Americaare deeply satified with this high-quality and cost-effective series. The hot water shrinking tank can be combined with the front continuous vacuum packaging machine and the rear conveyor belt machinery, and then equipped with an automatic flatten and dryer, which can immediately dry the excess water on the packaging bag, saving manual wiping time and making packing for the shipment faster.


Promarks Vac Co., Ltd. can customize all your products, design more high-quality custom-made food processing machinery, and even plan a semi/ fully automtic whole plant equipment for you based on your factory layout. Promarks Vac Co., Ltd. is surely the best partner for your business cooperation. If you have any questions regarding our food processing machine, please feel free to contact us anytime.