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Vacuum meat tumbling machine is based on the principle that the machine replaces the manpower. The ingredients in the fully vacuum tenderization barrel are marainated in a way which imitated the way by hand. The meat can be kneaded, softened, beaten, and thrown in a very short time. So the marinade is completely integrated to achieve the effect of tenderness and flavor, and the whole process is controlled by the computer to achieve the stability and consistency of the product.


The marinated food by vacuum meat tumbler is marinated in a completely vacuum environment to increase the water retention of the meat, achieving the effect of natural tenderization. Vacuum tumbling machine can improve the taste of the meat, make it softer and more delicious, keep it juicy, and shorten the marination time, which allows the preparation more efficiently. Furthermore, with Vacuum packaging machine can quickly complete the packaging. The food is isolated from the air which can keep it fresh and avoid anti-oxidation. With Vacuum meat tumbler machines and Vacuum packaging machines can maintain the original flavor and no nutrition is lost.


Vacuum meat tumbler machine marinates the ingredients by massaging in the most natural way. It can be worked with the feeding machine makes the feeding easier. It not only saves a lot of labor costs, but also shortens the process time. It also reduces the growth of bacteria. Vacuum meat tumbler is absolutely indispensable in the central kitchen.


Vacuum tumbling machinery can be widely used in all kinds of meat manufacture, aquatic product manufacture, and all processed food industry.