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The vacuum packaging machine is a modern design that uses the principle of high-speed vacuuming to remove the air from the packaging bag and its vacuuming efficiency can reach 99.9%.

Our commercial vacuum packaging machine can keep food fresh, block air oxidation, maintain the original flavor, avoid discoloration of food materials, prevent loss of nutrition, and extend the expiration date of food. 

The vacuum pack machines are suitable for all kinds of meat, seafood, Chinese medicinal materials, tea, coffee, grains, various processed foods, etc. In recent years, due to the emerging delivery services that have allowed the consumption habits of enjoying gourmet without going out, the business of the frozen food processing industry and the demand for vacuum packaging machines are increasing greatly.

With the advance of science and technology, the electronic components, circuit boards and high-tech electronic components of the electronics industry also use vacuum packaging machines to pack their products. This kind of packaging is moisture-proof, can avoid oxidation and rust, and also effectively reduce the volume of the products, and save the delivery fee as well.