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Promarks Vac single chamber vacuum packing machine has a convenient and straightforward design, with 4 casters design, is easy moving. The inside chamber can be customized and deepened to meet the needs of large-volume food packaging. Our single chamber vacuum packaging machine is suitable for any solid or liquid product packaging.

The full range of vacuum packaging machines and our single vacuum chamber machines are suitable for all meat, seafood, Chinese medicinal materials, agricultural specialty products, tea, coffee, grains, electronics, various processed foods, etc. The use of chamber vac machine makes the air in the vacuum bag to be exhausted, which can effectively prevent food oxidation, maintain the taste, and can also maintain freshness and lock in nutrients without loss.

Promarks vac offers a customized chamber vacuum packaging machine to meet the needs of our customers, we also provide double chamber vacuum packaging machine series for customers to choose from. Contact Promarks Vac to get more product information!