FC-700 / Auto Flatten Vacuum Packaging Machine
Product Description
  • All built with stainless steel with transparent lid
  • Precision design of machine, without uneven problem
  • Non-spring vibration structure will not lead elastic fatigue and cause un-flattened condition
  • Vacuum & flatten function in one
  • Latest 20 programs digital control panel with motor over warning, oil change indicated
  • Prompt vacuum packing only takes 20~25 seconds
  • Capability: 2 packs (1~3 kgs)/ minute,time of flatten: regular pack 2 times/ minute,square pack 5~6 times/minute
  • Capable for vacuum pack 1-3 kgs, not necessary to change the internal parts
  • Normal vacuum packaging/ auto flatten vacuum packaging switchable
Power:  220V/ 3PH/ 60HZ(Optional voltage need)
Pump: Equipped with German made Busch 40 m3/h
Size of machine(L x W x H): 870x690x840 mm
Size of vacuum chamber: 738 x 558 x 120 mm
Sealing length: 700 mm x 1 (Front)
Sealing distance: 500 mm (F/B)
Net Weight: 250 kgs

Patent No(Machine): 97212968
Patent No(Mould): 97218440
With Promarks mould can easily quick the square produce time speed with Promarks mould.

Usage: Excellence idea for rice, powder, bean, coffee, and etc need to be flatten, as well as get nice out looking products.
Auto lid up and down system