TC-350FLR / Fish Packer Vacuum Packaging Machine
Product Description
  • All built with stainless steel plus transparent lid
  • Latest 20 programs digital control panel with motor over warning, oil change indicated
  • Lid hold-down device
Power voltage: 220V/ 1PH/ 60HZ (Optional voltage need)
Vacuum Pump : Equipped with German made Busch pump 21m3/h  
Size of machine: 1075 x 473 x 435 mm
Size of chamber: 1010 x 380 x 110 mm
Sealing distance (F/L/R): Front one: 370 mm, LR sealing: 870 mm
Sealing length (L/R): 360 mm
Sealing length (front one): 835 mm
Net Weight:  90 kgs  
Sealing wire: 6 mm dual curves
Suggested thickness of vacuum bag: 80u/ 85u/ 100u

Used for food (dried fruit, fruits, noodles, cookie, cake, bakery products), agricultural products (tea), meat (pork, chicken, goose, duck), pickles, fishing products, electrical components, switches, passive components, tools etc., to achieve moisture, rust and corrosion proof. To extend the shelf life of products.

l   Soft air

l   Gas flushing unit

l   Adjustable vacuum capacity

l   Extra seal bar to have double packing capacity

l   High pressure sealing (for aluminum foil bag or high temperature steamed product)