TM-150 / Small Type Vacuum Tumbling Machine
Product Description

l   All built with stainless steel

l   Time of vacuum tumbling auto control system

l   With vacuum/ without vacuum tumbling function

l   With 4 free caster and anti-shock stand , easier for user to move and set up

l   Reverse unloading function

l   Forward/ backward function

l   Tumblingrest timetotal timerotation speed all are adjustable

l   Latest 20 programs digital control panel with motor over warning, oil change indicated

l   IP65 washable tumbling machine body, suitable for HACCP industrial 
Product Strength

l   Urgent stop function, it can urgently shut down during operationno impact to the vacuum tumbling function

l   The pause function enable the user to check the condition in barrel, after checked, it could continue the rest time processing

Power voltage: 220V/ 3PH/ 60HZ (Optional voltage need)
Pump: Equipped with German made Busch vacuum pump 16m3/h
Size of machine (L x W x H): 1176 x 757 x 1300 mm
Capacity: 60 kgs (150 liter)
Net Weight: 200 kgs

Usage: Frozen food, sea food, meat, poultry and etc.

1Buggy dumper
2. M
eat barrel
3. L
oading paddle (the size could be customized)