TM-2000 / Big Type Vacuum Tumbling Machine
Product Description
  • All built with stainless steel
  • Time of vacuum tumbling auto control system
  • With vacuum/ without vacuum tumbling function
  • Reverse unloading function
  • Forward/ backward function
  • Tumbling、rest time、total time、rotation speed all are adjustable
  • Latest 20 programs digital control panel with motor over warning, oil change indicated
  • IP65 washable tumbling machine body, suitable for HACCP industrial
  • With anti-shock stand, easier for user to set up

Product strength

  • Urgent stop function, it can urgently shut down during operation,no impact to the vacuum tumbling function
  • The pause function enable the user to check the condition in barrel, after checked, continue the rest time processing
Product Introduction

Large designed stainless steel tumbler marinating machine with 2000 liters (800kgs). The digital control panel makes it easy to adjust for about 30-60 minutes to complete, effectively shortening the traditional curing time, increasing the saturation of the product, and improving the meat quality and juiciness. It is suitable for meat products, seafood, vegetarian food, and various processed foods. Our buggy dumper or hydraulic buggy dumper can help to unload/pour materials easily and effortlessly, saving labor costs.
Power voltage: 220V/ 3PH/ 60HZ (Optional voltage need)
Pump: Equipped with German made Busch vacuum pump 21m3/h
Size of machine (L x W x H): 2045 x 1520 x 2050 mm
Capacity:  800 kgs (2000 liter)
Net weight: 900 kgs 

Usage: Frozen food, sea food, meat, poultry and etc.
1. Buggy dumper
2. M
eat barrel (the size could be customized)